Covid, 5G & Climate Change - The Hidden Truth

With such a complicated and inter-connected web of conspiracies available to believe in in the 21st century, it is no wonder so many of us are susceptible to such far-reaching concepts, especially considering the lack of modern orthodox religious belief systems. Humans have historically craved personal reassurance from others, in particularly from groups or institutions such as the church. Feeling part of something bigger than yourself or serving a higher purpose somewhat satisfies the craving the short term, about 60-80 years or so. In the twentieth century, television became a somewhat mediocre replacement for the ancient religions, which has recently been replaced by the goliath social media platforms, the ultimate in institutionally recognised narcissism. However, in just the last few years a range of new beliefs have become globally popular.

Climate change is, or isn't, real.
5G can gift your already-born child with savant-like super intelligent autistic abilities and limitations.
And 2021's favourite, Coronavirus is actually a secret cull organized by adrenalin harvesting human traffickers, descendant of an ancient reptilian race of global elitists hellbent on megalomania.

Unfortunately, the truth already runs so deep it is not only too late to turn back but is also so ingrained into our psyches that none will accept. The real brainwashing detergent is hidden in every aspect of our reality. It is on your TV, in daily advertising, it is in your favourite soap opera, films and theatre. You receive it as Christmas presents, as free samples with magazines, it is in your very home. The brainwashing warfare is in shampoo.

Most of the world, the overwhelming majority of western and wealthy civilizations and much of the rest, feel a compulsive urge to massage the conformance chemical into our own scalps on a daily basis, first thing in the morning and for many, last thing at night too. The unnatural desire to dilute your brains is a very way of life, one you cannot ignore and insist on imposing on your very own children.