Immortal Combat

Ancient Invisible War

In a seemingly serene environment, that of our home, planet Earth, there is a hidden war being fought, a war that is so secret 99% of people do not know it is happening. It may appear to most that humans live relatively comfortable lives, certainly those of the western world and in the east the lifestyles of the majority are ultimately quite fruitless. However, this war I speak of has had a grip over humanity for many thousands of years. It is only human-kind’s utter acceptance of the dominance of the enemy that has led to the secret being kept so. There lives amongst the human population a secret society that controls every aspect of human existence. Some people believe the Masonic Order, descendant of the Knights Templar are in control, some believe above them it is the Illuminati. There are reports of an elite race of reptiles disguised as humans that own the planet. Maybe it goes even further, with intergalactic super beings watching the planet from a base on the Moon, cities inside the mountains or a habitat under the oceans. Casting ridiculous theories aside, the world’s governments are more than capable of exerting this control over the human species, so no matter which is the truth, human existence is that of servitude.

The enslaved humans, numbering in the billions, live their lives blissfully unaware that their thoughts and arguments, their reproduction, their labor, is all a part of a vain attempt to maintain the planet as the original and primary home of the much loved Human Race. The concept of an ancient war is only known by whichever group is in ultimate control of how the planet is utilised. This group maintains their power over the slaves by providing food, shelter and entertainment. Keep them busy, ensure they receive nutrition and allowing some form of input into how they get to spend their time creates the illusion of choice and freedom. These are the ancient principles of slavery. People are unwittingly forced to work to deliver these comforts, making everyone feel like they belong and are contributing to society. The international monetary system is the ‘force’ that is used to ensure enough of the slaves commit to enough labor to maintain the world order. Many people die young, at work, from common and rare diseases, in accidents etc, these could be described as casualties of war, but the war is not being fought with violence.

The war is invisible because the projected outcome is not annihilation, it is to enslave. Education is delivered poorly, money is difficult to attain, leisure facilities are a ‘luxury’ and of course the TV ensures most people don’t bother thinking for themselves. Everything is provided for, most people have no understanding of how anything really works is built and thus humans coast through their short lives completely ignorant of their pathetic insignificance. The goal of harvesting the planet for its metals, enriching the lives of the group in control, allowing them to live theirs in a mortal paradise requires the labor of not millions but billions. The 1% as they are often referred to, have bloodlines that span a hundred thousand generations. This ‘immortality’ has provided the secrets, the information, the skills and power to maintain the world order how they decide.

What do they know? How long do they live? Do they have enhanced immunity? These closely guarded secrets will never be known to the public. As long as they maintain their control through the ‘dumbing-down’ of human wit and intelligence the immortal war will continue to rampage indefinitely.