Adrenalin Junkies

Stem Cells and Adrenochrome: The Elixir of Life

The likely most closely guarded secret in the world is the harvesting and consumption of human adrenalin. We all know that adrenalin is the chemical produced by the adrenalin gland, which exists at the top of the spinal cord just where the cord connects to the brain. You can feel a soft spot on the back of your head just below a ridge of bone that protects it. It is from here adrenlin is released into the blood stream through the nervous system to give a huge burst of almost superhuman energy and courage in times of danger or competition. Without the self-produced drug the human race might never have become the leader of the food chain and the dominant species on our planet, Earth.

Things in the underworld however, are very sinister. More sinister than tax evasion, drug dealing or even murder. The harvesting of human adrenalin and subsequent personal use of, is quite possibly the most satanic crime anyone can bow to. It is becoming ever more apparent that vampires are not so much a thing of Bram Stoker novels, but that of an ancient, little known cloesly guared secret. One that has the power to offer eternal youth. Only the lowest of the low, the most dispicable people on Earth, bow to such sub-fecal levels. Global elites it seems, are currently trading the youth serum, for $1.6 million an ounce in markets that make the Dark Web look like a jolly skip through a field of daisies. Whether or not the so called elixir actually provides any sustanance or really has these aging prevention qualites is anyones guess, but that is not the question that demands asking. The truly terrifing aspect is the extraction of the drug from humans. Ask any mortician or credible post-mortem practioner about the human state after death and they will tell you the human condition deteriorates so rapidly after life that organ donations must be made prior. That may come as a shock to most, but yes, organ donations are harvested from the living. It is this simple fact that states the adrenalin is only of use when it is fresh. You can see where this going.

We have all heard of human tafficking, the illegal exploitation of vunerable people who seek a better life, or the simple theft of living people from within their own communities. But you have to wonder, what happens to these people? Where do they go? They dissappear from their homes and home countries, never to be registered as a legal citizen in any state ever again. The Stolen are tortured. They are harvested. Then finally, they are murdered. Their remains are regarded as waste and are more than likely served up in cans in the pet food aisle in your local grocery. Human trafficking is a global problem but the story does not end there.

The adrenal gland only releases its preciousness when the human state is that of either fear or hysteria. Unfortunately for the Givers, the Harvesters know this. The drug and most often, the gland as a whole, is extracted from the Stolen people not only alive, but more importantly, under conditions of extreme fear, danger and a need to escape. The Givers, as they are refered to by the Harvesters, are brought to their sacrifical end surrounded by satanic rituals. Prayers of forgiveness, pits of flames, halls of scattered skulls, a drum beat that announces doom and a siren sung by those who despise what they have become, but cannot continue without their sacred, demonic elixir.

A victim is dragged, screaming for mercy, to an altar, surrounded by a hooded clan, flaming upturned crucifixes, pits of snakes and human bones, to the chant of satanic songs of those with cloven hooves. A satanic prayer is whispered as a twisted dagger is driven into the skull of the terrified sacrifice and the adrenal gland is removed, blood still pumping, then held aloft for the attendees to witness and thirst over. The 'Giver' is allowed to waste away. The extraction from their spinal cord leaves them enough time to realise their own fate and the sheer brutal and barbaric merciless greed of the 'starving' harvesters.

The satanic cult seeks the young. The younger the better. Scientists have proven that Stem Cells, that make up nearly 100% of a human foetus, are the genetic building blocks for human generation and growth. The harvesters know this. They have known it for centuries, if not millenia. Now we know why the vampires have been sucking fresh blood from the necks of the living for many ages. However, the sacrifice of a human new-born is not just for the extraction of the adrenal gland but also the sacred mineral of Genetic-alchemy.