Reptilian Race

Society of the Secret Species

There is an ancient and ever more credible theory that there is a secret race of people who share our planet and have fully integrated, invisibly, into human society. They are the Reptilians, shapeshifters that disguise themselves as human but are secretly in control of the world order and have enslaved the human species for their own nefarious purposes. Many believe that the world’s ‘elites’ are primarily and mostly, members of this ancient race. International leaders such as presidents, monarchs, oligarchs and conglomerate CEOs are said to be reptiles. This ancient and advanced race is far superior in intelligence, strength, immunity, longevity and of course wealth than the puny humans. It is said that nearly of the technologies that humans enjoy have their origins in the reptilian conscience.

However, little does humanity realise, not only are humans’ slaves to the Reptilians but they also rely on the power and control they exert because it enables the peaceful and ‘meaningful’ lives that they all enjoy. Law and order, democracy, socialism, communism, banking, telecommunications infrastructure, everything we rely on to live safely, are the rules imposed upon humans by the reptiles. Many people feel completely powerless in the face of these superbeings, but the reality is humans would likely still be cave dwellers without their advanced technology and guidance. Yes, the elites live lavish lifestyles with wealth, comfort, control, safety, choice, and power, but it may be noted that humans should be thankful for their superiority and the gifts they have given the world.

Of course, it could be argued that the reptiles are not welcome here, this a human planet and so it should remain and thus is the reason for the need for the reptiles to disguise themselves as such. They do this through shapeshifting. They are chameleons, they have the ability to control their physical appearance, making them look the same as the rest of the populous. However, this control requires practice and fortitude. Maintaining their human appearance is a skill which they must concentrate on continuously in order to uphold their domineering secret. Occasionally an individual reptile’s guard may drop and we get a glimpse of who they really are. Leaders, the rich, sports-stars and even newscasters have been witnessed breaking character. Before crowds and on live television they have been seen blinking sideways, horns appearing on their heads and even scales being revealed through the skin on their face. It is no joke, thousands of examples of this can be found throughout the web network.

How large is the reptile population? No one can hazard an estimate. How far back does their control extend? It is impossible to tell. What is the extent of the power? One can only imagine. What is the intent of their overall agenda? The query inspires terror. But the real question we need to ask first is where did they come from? Are their origins that of planet Earth? If yes, then they are likely older than the human race. If the answer is no, then the human education of science and the Universe has barely started kindergarten. Only one thing is for certain, they are not going to go away.